About Us

A Kiwi legend

FLEETLINE have been making canopies and lids in New Zealand for over 25 years. Our team of over 50 people are very proud of the products they build and the customer satisfaction they create.

Fleetline can boast the largest selection available and also offer a comprehensive accessory range that includes liners, roof racks, tow bars, nudge bars, tonneau covers etc.

Fleetline canopies and lids are manufactured from fibreglass - a composite material system consisting of fibre reinforcement , plastic resin and additives combined and processed to meet specific functional performance and manufacturing criteria. Fibreglass is ideally suited for ute canopies and lids as the finished products require high strength, light weight, dimensional stability and corrosion resistance.

Fibreglass in Fleetline canopies / lids is 100% recyclable. The only fibreglass recycling plant in New Zealand is operational at our Auckland factory. The impact of this recycling system is:

  • All of our waste will be recycled - eliminating waste to landfill
  • 100% of material is recovered with no harmful by-products or emissions

Why we are better!

Proven Products / An efficient team / Easy ordering system / Quick turnaround time / Prompt after sales service