Sustainable Manufacturing
Fleetline, the leading New Zealand manufacturer of fibreglass canopies and lids, is an environmentally conscious, responsible company.
We ensure that all aspects of the organisation have a minimum effect on the environment by adopting and implementing environmentally sensitive practices in all of our operations.
Manufacturing process
To minimise VOC output during fibreglass manufacturing, wetback spray booths have styrene absorbing media. Used solvents are recycled.
Painting process 
Canopies and Lids are painted with waterborne paints as they do not contain harmful VOCs.
100% Recyclable Fibreglass
As of 1st June 2011, our fibreglass recycling plant from Seawolf, USA is operational at our Henderson, Auckland factory.
The implementation of fibreglass recycling is the first and only one of its kind in NZ.
The impact of this recycling system is:
  • Our waste will be recycled - reducing waste to landfill
  • 100% of material is recovered with no harmful by-products or emissions
Other Inititatives
  • Rainwater runoff from the roof is collected in a storage tank and gradually released into the stormwater system. 
  • Cartons and pallets are manufactured from recycled materials. Used packaging materials are recycled.